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Maroon Ourea

Water Drawing 26 English Learning Magic Card, gifts for kids

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Type:Drawing Board
Age Range:> 3 years old
Model Number:HW-water drawing card
Classification:Paint Learning Notebook/Coloring Notebook
Model Name:Water drawing card
Classification:Paint Learning Notebook/Coloring Notebook
Size:Approx.4.72x3.35x1.30 in
Manufacturer recommended age:3 years and up

 1.It is a high-tech, non-toxic, pollution-free and environment-friendly product.    
 2.The picture will disappear naturally and it can be used repeatedly.    
 3.The water in the brush will not stain the clothes and the room. The back of the canvas is waterproof, so it will not wet the floor.   
 Material: cardboard    
 Net weight: 260g    
 Gross weight: 260g    
 Product packaging: PE bag    
 Product size: 120*85*33mm/4.72x3.35x1.30 in   
 Package size: 120*85*33mm/4.72x3.35x1.30 in   
 Product Description:     
 Children like to write and scribble, the wall in the home is not always clean. It is not easy to clean the wall and do not know when it was painted again, do you have such troubles?    
 Now, the magic of water painting, can let the child free painting, and completely get rid of these troubles.    
 This magic is not just a toy, it is the communication bridge between parents and children.    
 The mother took the children together to paint, reading and writing, drawing and promote child cognitive initiative.   
 Training children's keen observation ability, inspiring children's rich imagination, and accumulating their children's active creativity.    
 Method of use:      
 1.Fill the pen with clear water or soaked in water for automatic water, children can freely on the easel painting. When the brush is used for the first time, please turn the pen out and soak the warm water for 30 minutes, so that the pen can expand sufficiently.When tap water or drinking water be used again,the water will flow more smoothly.    
 2.The handwriting of the painting immediately appears in the area where the pens are drawn.   
 3.With the evaporation of water traces, the handwriting will disappear, and the canvas will return to its original color, so that children can continue to create.    
 (The speed of water traces depends on the degree of dryness of the environment, which is generally around 5-10 minutes in summer, but it is not sure in winter because of the difference in indoor temperature. In some places, because of poor water quality, it may leave traces on the edges of the painting after painting, which will not affect the use.Traces can be cleaned with water.   
 4.When the drawing board is in storage, drain the water from the pen. 

Package: 1x26 cards (including a red buckle)

2x environmental protection water pen

1x original box